Speed Slots

What if we offered you the chance to win the jackpot and treat yourself to a fast car while enjoying the world of speed? Can’t do it? Well, we are going to offer you a selection of online slots that perfectly match your desire to win and your passion for speed…

Speed Heroes from Red Rake Gaming

Speed Heroes slot

Red Rake Gaming is located in Valencia, Spain, a city that is passionate about motorsport and Moto GP. So it’s no surprise to find a little gem in their catalogue for motorsport and speed enthusiasts. Speed Heroes is a tribute to motor racing in the 70s and 80s. At that time, electronics had not yet made their way into the paddocks and cars. There are the usual car racing items such as helmets, exhausts and trophies, but the special bonuses will take you away with a Gas Boost bar and a Speed run. The Pistons items open the doors to the Sticky Pistons Speed Heroes feature is a slot accessible to all players with bets ranging from 0.30 to 60 dollars. You’ll find it at Joka, Magical Spin, Spinatra, Fatboss and other casinos. 

GT World Challenge by Andy Soucek from MGA

If you don’t know Andy Soucek, you might be wondering how he managed to sign a slot machine… Well, just so you know, he is a true Spanish motorsport champion. He won the Spanish Formula 3 title and the Formula 2 title in 2009. He was even a reserve driver for a Formula 1 team. OK, so he’s no Lewis Hamilton, but to sign the Englishman, you have to cut off your arms and get down on your knees… This slot puts you in the cockpit and for those who get bored of the noise of the looping engines, MGA has opted for a less deafening background music. The design immerses you radically in the race. The player has to fill up the tank and will win the prize that matches their teamwork skills. GT World Challenge by Andy Soucek really feels the passion of motorsport down to the small details of the mini-games.

Speed Racer by Isoftbet

Speed Racer by Isoftbet

It’s a game about speed with cars, but also a great retro slot. Speed Racer is not in 3D, but in 2D and does not display the usual five reels, but the four from the 2000s. There is the classic BAR symbol with a single payline. Why talk about this slot after the last two technological gems we have just presented to you?

Three slot machines for three ways of looking at the world of motor racing. Of course, there are hundreds of them. The publishers do what the players like. The aura of cars and the scent of racing are inescapable. IsoftBet is present in the online casinos Monte Cryptos, Tortuga, Magicazz and others.

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