Sports betting, tips for combining business with pleasure

Sports betting tips

In sports betting, advice is sometimes more tedious than judicious. None of that here, we start with a salvo of recommendations that are as simple as they are fun. Above all, sports betting should be exciting and fun. Otherwise, you might as well play the CAC 40, right? Here are 5 tips on how to have fun while you learn sports betting; it’s the best way to learn.

#1 | Keep up to date with sports news

Sport news

Here’s a good reason to tune in to during your working hours! We’re not sure if your manager fully understands this, but with money on the line, it’s best to know who’s playing well at the moment. With sports betting, keeping up with the latest sports news becomes a doubly useful hobby: both for entertainment and to keep you informed about the competitions and the forces at play. In addition to web magazines, hanging out on social networks will also be beneficial. You won’t be able to see the latest Neymar joke posted on Insta, or the umpteenth tweet from Conor McGregor announcing his early retirement!

#2 | Enjoying match broadcasts

Good bettors watch a lot of games, while saving money on beIN or Free sports packages! The operators allow their members to watch dozens of matches broadcast live on their site every day. With a list of TV rights that would make Canal+ pale in comparison! From the Tennis Masters 1000 to the Premier League and US sports from the NBA and NFL, there’s something for everyone, and enough to keep you warm all winter. Especially as seeing a match you bet on will still raise the temperature. 🔥 If you’re in a relationship, remember to warn your partner not to worry about screaming in the living room.

#3 | Try your hand at LIVE betting

Sports betting live

Since you’re on live matches, so try out live betting. The advantage of live streaming is that you can bet live on actions and results in the middle of the match. You don’t have to wait until the end of the match to find out if you’ve won. In live betting, you can bet on the result at half-time, the next goalscorer, and a host of other specific events. There’s nothing like these little in-game bets to spice up the end of a match where the final result is no longer in doubt. Or to exult twice as much when Nadal wins the tie-break of the 2nd set against Federer (or the other way around, no jealousy). Tip: tell your partner again.

#4 | Read books or watch movies about sports betting

A 100% enjoyable way to improve your sports betting skills? Pair the arts with sports! If you like to read, immerse yourself in betting technique guides. And make the most of your time on Netflix! There are many films that will introduce you to sports and betting, from the classic “The Colour of Money” to the very informative “The Strategist” on the use of statistics (we’ll come back to this in our tip #16). Watch the sports documentaries, they will teach you even more. We recommend “Formula 1: Drivers of Their Destiny” or “The Last Dance”, captivating series that reveal the behind-the-scenes of professional sports.

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