Slot machine worlds and themes

Slot machine themes

Today’s virtual slot machines often transport players to worlds far removed from their ancestors. Fruit, bars and 7’s are still present, of course, but they are far from being the only symbols that run on the reels of these casino games.

Slot machines are now playing the card of great diversity and with the support of video and 3D, the decor, the graphics, everything is done to adapt to themes likely to seduce the player. There is no shortage of ideas in this area, which is not to the displeasure of the millions of casino game lovers. On the internet and in virtual establishments, hundreds and hundreds of slot machines are offered, with themes ranging from events to cinema, sports, history, fantasy, etc… 

Event Slots

This is where you’ll find all the slot machines that are adapted to a particular time of year. This is the case with Christmas, a time loved by many people including players. They are fond of winter, cold weather, snowmen, presents and all the atmosphere that goes with it. Well, they will find the same effects and themes on the virtual slot machines. They will try to win, for example, gifts from Father Christmas or jackpots with a beautiful Christmas tree or decoration. Some of the online slots that exist on this theme are:

  • Santa Spins;
  • Polar Paws;
  • I Love Christmas;
  • Very Merry Christmas.

In the category of machines of this type, we can even mention titles released on the occasion of particular events such as the Olympic Games, or a football world cup, etc…

Slot machines based on the cinema

Here, the player is immersed in the world of the 7th art. There are many themes and many films. There are slot machines of policemen and bandits, classics: Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, Planet of the Apes, more recent ones, even Iron Man from Marvel, the universe of Japanese anime. There were even Star Wars slot machines in Vegas casinos for a long time, which Walt Disney has had removed since they bought the rights to George Lucas’ series. In fact, there really are a dizzying number of movie-themed slots that can be found in many online casinos. In the Thriller and Thriller theme, to name but a few, there are such successful titles as:

  • A night in Paris;
  • Heist;
  • Cops’N Robbers.

In science fiction, the idea of space and aliens often comes up. Creatures, an unknown world, real movie scenarios are the content of these games. This is the case of:

  • New Space Adventure;
  • Synthway;
  • Robotika;
  • Alien Hunter.

Sports or adventure slots

adventure slots

Make room for competition and challenges. Between football, the Olympic Games and athletics, boxing and basketball, developers have come up with numerous games that will satisfy online casino fans. Nyah Huston, Kick Off, Gold Cup, Tennis Champion are 100% sports oriented slot machines. There are no exercises in sight though, the principles are the same as a standard one-armed bandit.

In the world of adventure, the player can be offered a journey through the jungle or the desert with a simple mission: find a lost treasure. Or they may find themselves immersed in a Spielberg-like quest and exploration that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Nights Reald, Desert Treasure are slots that have been adapted to this theme.

Slots for a more female audience

There are also slot machines with a more “gendered” audience, as we would say to use a fashionable concept. One of the recurring themes of these worlds is love, although it is not the only one.

Thus, female players will have the pleasure of tasting the joys of dating, seduction and life as a couple. With a cleverly designed graphic, there is no doubt that it will arouse emotions and the desire to live a romance to the full. In the list of love love slots, there are:

  • Sweet Love 2;
  • Wild School;
  • Romeo;
  • Heart 2 Heart.

Other themes that may be suitable for the female audience are fairy tales, fashion and shopping. There are also very specialised titles in these worlds.

Culture or history slots

history slots

There is no shortage of concepts in this universe, even if in the field of history, strictly speaking, it is more often a question of distant evocations, even fantasies, than real history. Nevertheless, the designers of virtual slot machines have travelled the length and breadth of history and the world. Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome, Greek mythology, Mayan culture, the Vikings, Asian culture are just some of the themes that fans of these casino games can find.

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