Sports betting advice: how to grow the bettor in you?

Sports betting guide

“A gambler never makes the same mistake twice. He usually makes it three or more times” (Terrence VP Pappy Murphy). This quote from a contemporary poker writer is apt for sports bettors. 

Stop believing in fairy tales

It’s an important step in a child’s life to stop believing in Father Christmas. A few decades later, you’re ready to take it to the next level! No, in sports betting there is no magic formula or method that will make you win money for sure. Only those who trade in them get rich. Martingales, mathematical systems, arbitration techniques… are all pipe dreams. Friendly advice: don’t waste time following them, they will unfortunately make you lose more money than you would like to earn. The pleasure of sports betting lies elsewhere. And so are the winnings – real but never guaranteed. You are better than that!

Find your style

Sports betting types

Not all bettors are good at all sports and all bets. Instead, successful bettors specialize in order to gain knowledge and experience in a particular segment. For example, they know how to spot the “value bets”, those bets where the bookmaker offers a very attractive odds compared to the estimated risk. 💰 So what is your style in sports betting? Are you more into football, a popular team sport? Or squash, a more elitist racket sport? Will you be more effective on the more exciting finals or the more predictable league matches? In sports betting, there’s room for everyone, so it’s up to you to find yours!

Learn to speak sports betting

Yes, sports betting has its own vocabulary, at the crossroads of sports and betting. Some technical terms should be integrated to progress faster and avoid misunderstandings. There is no need to show off your diplomas when talking about “BTTS” betting; this anglicism refers to the fact of scoring for both teams in the match (Both Teams To Score). Or turn up the sound before the start of the race to better “read the horse’s music”; we are talking about a series of signs summarising one’s latest performance. Two examples among dozens! Don’t panic, the bookmakers’ glossaries will soon have you talking as if you were born in a paddock.

Choosing your tipsters

Sports betting tips

The days when punters tried to build up a small network of informants to gain access to the famous “tips” are over. The web has changed the game, and opinions are exchanged freely on forums and specialised sites. But be aware that there is good and bad information on the Internet. It is difficult to judge the level of self-proclaimed prognosticators. Initially, follow the analyses of specialists and commentators recognized in the media. Then, note that bookmakers establish rankings of the bettors, with bonuses at the end. Our advice: start there to spot successful tipsters over the long term among our 60 million French selectors.

Make simple bets

Few people like to complicate their lives. In sports betting, the simplest bets are often the most profitable. So you can focus on the easiest bets to figure out, such as the final winner of a match, without any remorse. Over time you will discover the charms of the more sophisticated bets (combined, system, handicap). 🔢 But there is no particular premium for complexity. In horse racing, for example, it is the most basic bet, on the winning horse of the race, that offers the best average rate of return to turfists. So with sports betting, the fun is immediate. It’s a change from violin lessons!

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