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One for Water 4-Miler

4-mile race Peoria Arizona

The One for Water 4-Miler had a great five-year run.

Thanks to all of our runners, partners, and sponsors for your participation and support!

Arizona laid the course for many other Fix a Leak Week events around the country, and it wouldn't have happened without all of you.

We have packed away our running shoes to get down to the business of finding and fixing leaks.

The Arizona partners are individually hosting events, workshops, and promotions during Fix a Leak Week 2017. Learn more here.

And we have great step-by-step resources to assist homeowners in hunting down and fixing leaks here.

Join us in the effort, and share the information with your friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can significantly reduce the amount of water that is wasted across the country every year.

The Phoenix Suns' Gorilla is a fan of fixing leaks!

Can a running toilet be funny? Yes, hilarious.

Two of our four-footed, leak-chasing, race veterans: 'We may drool, but we don't have leaks!'
The One for Water 4-Miler & Family Festival was launched in 2011 to raise awareness for fixing leaks and encouraging water efficiency in our homes, landscapes and businesses. Leaky 'Loo' McFlapper, the event's larger-than-life running toilet mascot, is a 6' tall reminder that running toilets are only funny when they are mascots.

Photos of the past events can be found on Facebook

We encourage all our runners to join us for the 5th Annual Run for World Water, hosted by AZ Water Association.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Water For People (WFP), a non-profit organization with the mission of supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking facilities, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs in developing countries.

winners of the tank chaser

the start of the One for Water Race

Leaky Loo McFlapper and Misty

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