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Did you know that leaks can account for up to 14% of all water use? Anyone who wants to be efficient with their water use should begin with finding and fixing leaks at their home. Common household leaks are often easy to fix, in many cases requiring only a few tools and hardware that can pay for themselves in water savings. Below is the wanted poster for the top 5 most likely leaks at your home.

1. Toilet:

A leaky toilet can silently waste thousands of gallons in a month. By the time you've heard this sneaky leak, it's been leaking for months. A leaky flapper, improper water level adjustment or a broken fill valve are the main culprits for water wasting toilets. Use food coloring to identify if your toilet is leaking, and arrest the development of the biggest water waster inside the home!

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2. Drippy Faucets and Showerheads:

A dripping faucet can waste 350 gallons of water in a month, that's enough to fill a hot tub! A quick walk through of the house can identify these problems, and fixing them is simple. Make sure to check the hose bibs too!

watch video fixing faucet and showerhead leaks

3. Sprinklers:

You may have heard that up to 70% of your water use is outside, but did you know that sprinkler leaks mean much of that water can be wasted? A broken sprinkler head forming a geyser is obvious, but broken nozzles, wiper seals and leaky underground pipe joints may not be as conspicuous. Turn on the sprinklers after mowing and check for these squandering sprinklers.

4. Drip Irrigation:

An underground drip irrigation is efficient- only if it isn't leaky. Emitters get chopped off by hedge trimmers, tubing can get punctured and valves can get stuck open. Periodically walk through your yard and canvass the area for these felonious fissures.

5. Pool:

We all know that the pool evaporates water- enough to refill it each year, but how does it get refilled? You used to have to drag a hose to it each week and fill it up that way, but now the automatic fill device does it for you. Makes it easy right? Sure. But it can also mask a leaky pool and cause tens of thousands of gallons of waste, in a month! Perform the bucket test every three months to make sure your pool isn't leaky and save your pool from floating in its own wasted water.

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